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1. Ravaging Storm (Erotic romance, Erotika For Women)

pl ravaging storm 1 200x300 Female Erotica Stories female erotica This female erotica story is a real Bomb. The smut in it is great and the plot is absolutely wow. You will like it.

It is 5,065 words long.


Ravaging Storm is a depiction of a young woman who has just entered into womanhood. She is innocent to the ways of life, and has never known a man’s touch.

She resides in South Dakota, tending to a small farm with her father, and one brother. Sadly, her mother died giving birth to her years ago. Though she has heard the stories of white women being taken captive by Cheyenne Indian braves, she has never, ever encountered a real Indian, but she has heard the rumors.

Her daddy is always telling her that, a white woman captured by the savages is better off dead. She really doesn’t understand what he means by that, and never, in her wildest dreams does she ever consider that she will be one of those many women who is taken against her will, into a world that she never knew could be so thrilling.



2. Burning Desire (Erotica For Women Story)

pl ravaging storm 1 200x300 Female Erotica Stories female eroticaBurning desire has picked our editors eyes because of the style in which it is written and the fact that it meets all our editors requirements for a good erotica for women story.

This female erotica story is only 5,258 words long which makes it easy to read in one sitting.

It revolves around two protagonists; Julianna and Dancun and is contain a good plot with enough background to the story, goo character development erotic scenes.


Julianna: She is a character that is scarred by love. She is 23 years of age, and no longer a virgin. Sadly, she has come to know that sex means nothing to some men. She was burned by a gunslinger she had thought she’d loved, yet she now realizes love is not what it is made up to be. When she caught Donovan in the arms of a whore, at the towns one and only whorehouse, she was devastated. She had given him all of herself, her innocence, her heart, her every breath had been all about him. He had shown here that love is cruel and vindictive. Because of him, she vows to never fall in love again, never bare her soul to another, that is until Duncan rides into town.

Duncan: He is a half-breed, part white man, part Sioux. He is 27 years old, and his body is a model of perfection. He is proud, and cold at the same time. His bright blue eyes are the only give away that he is a half-breed. Because of his mixed heritage, he has never really felt he belonged anywhere, and definitely not amongst the white man. One thing that he has found to be easy to obtain is women. Every town he wanders into he is able to bed whomever he pleases, with no remorse for how he treats them or leaves them feeling. Some would say he is shallow and just a gigolo, but he does have a heart, though he had thought he would never feel again from the spurning of his own people, that is until he met her.





Aroused2 212x300 Female Erotica Stories female erotica   This female erotica story is really nice and revolves around two love birds with enough sex scenes.


CHARLOTTE: She is the perfect image of a woman. She models for a living and her body is perfect in every way. She isn’t one of those women who walk around with their nose in the air though. She is very humble and considerate of others, yet she doesn’t have the self-esteem that she should have. She feels that other women are better than her. She has had quite a few boyfriends, and has been intimate on more than one occasion, but she has never been fully satisfied. She hasn’t reached that point to where one man can make her really feel like a woman, the woman she yearns to become.

TRAVIS: He works for an architect firm and is on a contract to redesign one of the more historic buildings in New Bern, South Dakota. His life is all about his career, and while he has been with many women, often every night, he has no true yearnings to have a long term commitment. He is satisfied with his life, and the many women who are in and out of it. However, he does feel there is something missing. Perhaps that piece is how he is always alone, never having anyone to really share anything with, but deep down, he wants that.

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4. Extreme Pleasures

extreme pleasures 199x300 Female Erotica Stories female erotica   Extreme Pleasures is a female erotika story over 5000 words long.


Currently going through a rough divorce, doll collector Samantha seeks comfort in the beautiful collectibles she brings home from a local shop–but when one gorgeous male doll morphs to a real life lover, she finds far more than comfort in his passionate embrace. Can her living doll become the man of her life?


As Samantha slipped to the fragrant depths of a deep, relaxing sleep—the first she’d enjoyed in ages—her dreams brimmed over with radiant images of princes on white steeds and towering castles, of rose red ball gowns and long romantic dances—and sparkling carriages that whisked she and her prince off to any number of exotic destinations.

So ensconced was she in this mythical dream world of men noble and ladies brave that she really didn’t want to wake up—with a contented sigh she wriggled like a cat in the arms of her muscular lover.
“Um hold up.” She jolted awake, eyes flying wide. “Since when do I have a lover, muscular or otherwise?”
Ah, but she couldn’t deny the fact that she now shared her bed with a tall, muscular man; and though frozen in shock she reached a tentative hand forward to explore the hard surface of his muscled chest and smooth washboard abs.
Her startled gaze flew wider still as it took in the full extent of his lush masculine beauty; one embodied by full, luscious lips, carved cheekbones, wide dark eyes, and the most beautiful fall of thick auburn hair she’d ever beheld.
“Wait a minute.” She said aloud, blushing as the stranger fixed her with a soft, mysterious smile. “You’re my doll—only taller and more….” She stole a quick look downward, her blush deepening significantly with what she saw. “…anatomically correct.”

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